Big Decision!



I have a massive love/hate relationship with my blog. I don’t feel like WordPress is helping me feel part of the blogging community and I’m never satisfied with the look of my blog. I felt there were more options on Blogger for me to customise my blog and I’m happier with the look and feel of it already.

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The Christmas Tag

Thought I’d jump on the Christmas tag band wagon 🙂

1. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?
I’ve never had a real Christmas tree, I like my trees to be really full, so I probably prefer synthetic – they last longer too!

2. You’re in a coffee shop, it’s December, what do you pick?
I love Starbucks’ toffee nut latte. I’ve only had one this year as well! I’ve been really good.

3. Whats your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
My mum used to have a red and gold tree which was gorgeous. but now she has a pink, purple and silver tree which I love. Our Christmas tree is red, white and silver. I guess I don’ have a favourite.

4. Giving or receiving?
Receiving. As selfish as that makes me sound, I love getting presents! Don’t get me wrong, I love giving presents as well, and wrapping them whilst watching a Christmas film, but it’s definitely not as fun as opening your own gifts.

5. To mince pie or not to?
Not to. Although, I tried a mince pie last week in work, which was alright. I’m not a fan though. Give me a Christmas ring fun bun from Greggs any day.

6. What’s your traditional Sunday lunch?
We normally have a four bird roast and so much veg you pretty much have to climb your plate to eat it. I don’t eat all morning just to prefer.

7. Christmas day fashion.
I tend to dress a bit more dressy on Christmas day as it’s just nice isn’t it? Nothing too OTT though as it’s just spent at my mum’s house lounging round.

8. What’s your favourite Christmas song?
I really like River by Barry Manilow – I know, he’s a recurring theme in most of my blog posts, but my mum loves this song and ALWAYS plays it at Christmas so it reminds me of her.

9. What’s your favourite Christmas film?
Elf. I have to watch it at least twice. I also really love The Santa Clause trilogy – Tim Allen is amazing. I also love Jack Frost. I’m a big Christmas geek okay?

10. Open presents before or after lunch?
Before! My mum always coms downstairs with us and says “has he been?” then opens the living room door. She’s done that ever since I can remember! Every year without fail. I do have 8 year old win brothers which makes it okay still.

Have you done the Christmas tag? Link me below so I can see your family traditions 🙂

Love Jegz xoxo

What I’ve Been Up to Bumper Edition!

I am officially the worst blogger ever! Here’s what I’ve been up to lately: 

PicMonkey Collage5Went to see Wicked | Cup of green tea in my new mug | Before the free cocktails | Standard pre-drink photo | Wild Friday night | Natural hair selfie | Christmas cupcake | Jeffrey Campbell | Caramel latte | 5ive in the Echo Arena | Goodies from Superdrug | Favourite body lotion from Bath and Body Works | Saving away | Studded nails | My cousin’s christening | Pete made a new friend

PicMonkey Collage6Amazing stag head decoration | Homemade decorations | Christmas tree up | Our living room is nice and Christmassy | Christmas shopping | First red cup of the season | Breakfast | Burger and chilli cheese fries at Almost Famous | I still pull this face now | My little brother when he was a baby | My brother bought me Twizzlers | Festive nails | Promo staff problems | Christmas moose selfie | Few drinks after work – stay classy | Drunken photo

PicMonkey Collage7Favourite lip products | Hanging out in Central Perk | Cracked out the Patron | Before picture | The One Where Jo Came to Liverpool | Rock faces | Another before photo | Ciate advent calendar | Met baby Amelia and had lots of cuddles | Christmas bunting finally up | Met some husky puppies | Mum and Dad’s Christmas tree | Elliot and me | Harry and me | Christmas icon of me and Pete | Of course my mum wanted one too

So as you can see I’ve been super busy, tis the season and all!

I’m off Christmas shopping shortly because there are still bits I need to get.

What have you been up to lately?  Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?

Jegz. X

Staying Inspired

Okay, I completely failed at blogging every day in November, we’re now half way through and the last time I posted was a just over week ago! I was going to try and catch up but I’m not going to. It’s going to take too long to backtrack on myself and continue with it. I’m quite disappointed in myself as it was a really good challenge and I feel I gave up too easily.

Image sourced from

Image sourced from

This challenge was to get myself into the habit of blogging more regularly as I’m a serial neglecter of my blog. It’s just so hard to juggle full time work, house work a social life and a blog. The lovely Caroline over at Burkatron wrote a recent post about staying inspired which you can find here which I think is great. It has some great advice on how to manage a blog and I’m definitely going to follow some of her tips!

I’ve just got myself a shiny new iPhone 5c as my Blackberry was long over due an upgrade – so this is certainly going to help me stay on track of things. I finally have Instagram which I’m super excited about, is that sad? My username is jegzlovestea. I also downloaded Wunderlist which I’m yet to try out, but from what I hear it’s great for writing lists. I’m going to use it to write down blog ideas.

I also created a Facebook page which you can find here; I’d be so grateful if you could give it a little like. I promise to update it regularly, especially now that I’ve also downloaded Hootesuite so I can schedule posts in advance which will hopefully help when I have a busy week!

What tips do you have for managing your blog and staying inspired?


#BEDN – 10 Favourite Films

Topic #7 is 10 Things – no particular topic, just a list of 10 things. So I’m going to tell you about my favourite films.

These are 10 of my favourite films, there’s definitely a musical theme going on.

  1. Moulin Rouge – I think Moulin Rouge is a love it or hate it film, there’s no in between. I remember the first time I watched it, I just didn’t get it at all, but now it’s probably my favourite film.  Baz Lurhman is just amazing don’t you think? I’m a sucker for musicals and this is perfect, the songs, although not original, are just great fun. I even had a Moulin Rouge themed fancy dress night out for my 18th birthday.
  2. Phantom of the Opera – When I was younger, I used to listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack which my parents had, I think it was a West End production version, and I always wanted to see it in the theatre. Unfortunately it never came round (up until recently and now I’ve seen it two years running) so watching the film was the next best thing. Gerard Butler is so good as the Phantom and Emily Rossum’s voice is beautiful. If I could go and see Phantom of the Opera in the theatre every day, I would. I watched this last week when I was ill and it made me feel loads better.
  3. Back to the Future – 80s classic. Need I say more?
  4. Hairspray – Zac Efron and James Marsden in one film. Yes please. I love a good sing along and the songs in Hairspray are just so upbeat and catchy.
  5. The Skeleton Key – If you haven’t seen this film, watch it. I watch this film over and over again because I think it’s a brilliant watch! I have a massive girl crush on Kate Hudson as well.
  6. Mulan – This is my favourite Disney film ever. I always want to watch this and Pete says no 😦 I’m only allowed to watch things once because he says “we watched it recently” when we haven’t! It’s just his excuse to get out of watching something.
  7. Chicago – “Come on babe why don’t we paint the town and all that jazzzz”. Yes, I know, another musical, but badass girls who killed their boyfriends and are on death row is a pretty awesome plot if you ask me.
  8. Elf – I could watch Elf any day of the year, it’s just so good and I love Christmas so this is perfect. Pete gets so annoyed around this time of year because we have to watch it about 5 times!
  9. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Anything by Tim Burton is okay by me.
  10. Sweeney Todd – A musical directed by Tim Burton? Double whammy! I love how dark this is and Alan Rickman’s singing is just perfect.


Okay, so looking back, I probably should have listed 10 of my favourite musicals but here we go. Congratulations if you made it this far!

What is your favourite film?

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#BEDN – National Stress Awareness Day

So I broke my promise of being better at this Blog Every Day in November challenge but there’s a reason I didn’t blog yesterday which ties in very well with this topic!

Topic #6 is National Stress Awareness Day


According to recent research by Insurance Company AXA, stress levels have doubled in 4 years! That’s an awful lot in such a short period of time. I think it’s important issue to acknowledge, because everyone faces stress in their lives. I know if one stressful thing happens to me, I’m on edge for the rest of the day.

This topic could not be more appropriate for the day I had yesterday. I waited 20 minutes for a bus in the freezing cold, ended up just making it to work on time, I had multiple issues with the tasks I was doing in work, something red dripped on me on the bus, burning me and staining my favourite coat, I lost my scarf, had to go to the doctors after work. prescribed antibiotics for a week for a chest infection and didn’t get home until 8.30pm. I was exhausted and very stressed which makes me snappy to which then I have to apologise to people because I know I’ve been naughty! I usually find taking a few minutes to clear my head and cups of tea very helpful in dealing with stress.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet because I have a lot of housework to catch on.

How do you deal with stress?

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#BEDN Bonfire Night

 Remember, remember! 
   The fifth of November, 
    The Gunpowder treason and plot; 
    I know of no reason 
    Why the Gunpowder treason 
    Should ever be forgot! 

Topic #5 is Bonfire Night



I’ve never been a fan of Bonfire Night, ever since I was little, I used to be terrified of fireworks. I’ve got better over the years, and now I only jump a little bit when they go off.  This year I will be spending it indoors in the warm as I’m still recuperating, so I’m going to tell you a story about one of my bonfire nights.

It was 05th november 2011, Pete and I had been dating since March that year, and we were going for a meal in Manchester with his mum so I could meet her for the first time. I was so nervous, meeting the boyfriend’s parents for the first time can be so daunting. Anyway, we went to this lovely Chinese restaurant and his mum was lovely, it was nowhere near as scary as I’d anticipated.

After the meal, Pete and I were going to separate gigs in Manchester and agreed to meet outside Manchester Apollo. Unfortunately, my battery died during the gig as I’d been out all day (yes, you know where this is going). So the gig finished, I jumped in a taxi to Manchester Apollo and waited outside for what seemed like a life time. I couldn’t find Pete anywhere and the crowd was dispersing as everyone was going home. I started to panic as I thought I was going to be stranded in Manchester, and then I started to cry (I was slightly tipsy), these two teenage boys were looking after me and waited with me the entire time. Then I saw my friend, Amy, and ran towards her, crying into her arms “I can’t find Pete and I have no battery and I don’t know his number and I’m lost.” I felt like a child who had lost their mum, especially when Amy asked me to describe what he looked like and after a few minutes said “is that him?” 

Pete had just appeared from nowhere, I ran towards him and hugged him so hard like, I was so happy to see him! I was so relieved, he didn’t even get into trouble for leaving the place we’d agreed to meet. 

Apparently, he’d text me to ask me to meet him at a different place, and obviously, having no battery, I never got the text! It was such a traumatic experience for me.

Are you taking part in #BEDN? Link me to your posts in the comments below.

What are your plans for Bonfire Night?