Owls Owls Owls

collage one

Recent purchases. I seem to be obsessed with owls recently.

My boyfriend and I moved in December into a gorgeous new apartment by the Liverpool docks, so all I seem to be doing is shopping for cute accessories! I originally planned on having a plum coloured living room until I saw these owl cushions (number 2) in Primark and fell in love. So when I went shopping last week, I saw there was a door stop to match and I absolutely HAD to have it! The living room is finally coming together. Our new TV was delivered today, so is now up and running, my auntie bought us a lamp for our coffee table, and there’s fairy lights in our faux bamboo tree!

I saw this little owl satchel (number 4) on eBay, I love the colour and for £5, I thought bargain!

I’m such a forgetful person that I need a diary to keep track of everything (anyone would think I had an absolutely hectic lifestyle – that’s not true, I mostly watch The Golden Girls, drink tea and apply for jobs these days.) When I saw this little owl organiser in Paperchase (number 3), I needed to have that as well!

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell shoes (number 1), my collection just keeps getting bigger! I saw these for £40 in the Office sale so treated myself to them with my Christmas money. I just need more of an excuse to wear them, use my diary and my bag now.



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