Caerdydd and birthday celebrations!


Photo from Google Images

I will be turning 23 in three weeks! Scary I know, some days I feel like I’m still in school, I sure as hell act it – just ask my poor tormented boyfriend. My favourite band, Funeral for a Friend, are set to tour just in time. I openly admit I’m quite spoilt, not the most attractive of qualities I know, so my lovely boyfriend is treating me to two dates, Cardiff and Manchester.

We  leave for Cardiff tomorrow for a long weekend and I’m really looking forward t o it, therefore tonight will mostly consist of deciding on cute but warm outfits, packing, tidying the apartment, having a bath, painting my nails, and making a list of essentials to take. An early night is definitely on the cards!

The fur coat and Uggly boots made an appearance today as it’s been snowing again in Liverpool! I think this coat will be coming to Cardiff with me because I’ve heard the snow down there has been pretty bad!



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