Red red wine


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I love love love red lipstick, It can make any outfit look instantly fab, be it day or night. I’m extremely excited because this season, berry coloured lips are hot! Red wine lips can certainly dress an outfit up, teamed with denim, it’s perfect for a night in the pub.

A few years ago, my mum bought me a gorgeous lipstick, Avon Smooth Minerals in Cranberry. It lasted me for ages, the colour is gorgeous, and it keeps your lips glossy and looking amazing. I’ve been in love with it ever since, so you can imagine how upset I was to discover it had been discontinued 😦 I have managed to track it down on eBay, and now have four more brand new ones  to see me through. I’ll continue to scour eBay until I have a life long supply!


Photo from Google Images

Sleek do this really great tinted lipbalm in a variety of colours which is great for these Winter days as it keeps your lips moisturised and adds a gorgeous dash of colour too! Perfect Plum is my favourite and would be a great replacement for lipstick or a gloss, but I’m also a fan of the Electro Peach and Sassy which are great colours for Summer, and they even contain SPF15!

Chapped lips are the worst, mine are all cracked and sore from this awful wind we’ve been getting! A little tip for keeping them looking kissable, is always scrape off dry skin (I use an old toothbrush to give them a little exfoliate) and apply loads of lipbalm or Vaseline before applying lipstick. That way your lipstick will always look smooth.




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