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It’s Friday again! I’m especially excited for this weekend as I am off to London on Sunday for a few days  to let off some steam.

  • Monday: Work was as normal on , my boyfriend, Pete, wanted to go and watch the football as he couldn’t make it to Manchester. We had a sushi date and ate so much at Yo Sushi! then headed to Bierkeller, a relatively new bar in Liverpool One. It was great in there, even if I was only in there to sit around while he watched the football. At the bar, you can play heads or tails and win a chance to get your drinks half price. We won the first time, but not the second. Booo! They sold Mango and Raspberry Rekorderlig which I recently discovered and I was really happy. I love a good fruity cider! I managed to paint my nails and read a book the time we were in there. When I got home, I received some bad news about my great nan, she had been in hospital since Saturday (my mum didn’t tell me in fear of ruining my birthday weekend) and that it wasn’t looking good. She also told me to prepare myself, so of course I had a good cry and a terrible night’s sleep.
  • Tuesday: As soon as I got to work, I had a phone call from my mum giving me the bad news that my nan had passed away that morning. I broke my heart crying, and went home from work. I cried all the way home, and for a while after I got home too. Pete took the day off work, we had a nap, watched 24 and cuddled all day. It was a blessing in disguise really, she was 91 and unable to look after herself anymore. She was living in a home and there was no life for her there. She went peacefully in her sleep like she wanted and she was ready to go. RIP Nan Annie. X
  • The rest of the week: all sadness aside, the rest of the week has been really good, I was kept busy in work on Wednesday and had the night into myself while Pete went to work. My Superdrug delivery came, so I spent the night painting my nails and playing with the new nail tattoos I purchased! They’re so cute and easy to use, they’re perfect for adding a bit of nail art to your nails without any of the work. I chose little skulls because I love anything skull related. In work, I’ve been sent to a site I was when I first started in September, it’s great seeing all the people I used to work with and everyone was happy to see me which is always a good ego boost! It’s been lovely sitting here on my own, book in hand, and my music next to me! Beats listening to the radio and doing actual work. I also got Max Factor lip tint in Berry, it’s gorgeous, I love it, but it’s a bit bold for day time use. It lasts for ages as well. Can’t wait to put it to use this weekend.
  • The weekend ahead: I think I’m going to go shopping tomorrow to spend my birthday money on goodies, I’ve got my eyes on a pair of cut out boots. Then tomorrow night will be spent mostly working and packing to go to London. Pete is taking me there on Sunday, which means NOT LONG UNTIL I SEE FALL OUT BOY. I am so excited because I’ve never had the opportunity to see them. I even made a playlist based on their setlist for this tour. I am going to be crying and jumping and fangirling all over the place!



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