Me, Myself and I – 20 facts about me


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So if you’ve read/ followed/ liked my blog, thank you so much! I thought I’d give you a little bit more insight on myself. So here’s 20 facts about myself that you might like to know!

1. I love nail varnish – I have a really obsession with Barry M and Models Own. I pretty much      paint my nails a different colour every day. My favourite at the moment is definitely Green Berry! I do own over 80 nail varnishes, I’m quite obsessive. My aim is to master the perfection of nail art, I’m getting there but still really shaky.

2. I drink gallons and gallons of tea. I need tea to function in the morning before I leave the house and to get me through the day. Tea and toast is definitely my ultimate comfort.

3. I’m a typical girl, I’m obsessed with clothes, handbags, shoes, makeup and shopping in general. My weakness is Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I own a massive 11 pairs and my collection just keeps growing. I definitely need an intervention.

4. Gok Wan is my favourite man ever (ssh don’t tell Pete). I even had the pleasure of meeting him while he was filming Fashion Fix in Liverpool.

5. I love Cardiff, the city, the people and the Welsh accent! Most of my favourite bands all hail from South Wales and the way the say “ridiculous” makes me the happiest.

6. I temp for a recruitment company doing admin work in office around Liverpool City Centre, and whilst it’s not ideal, it gets me through for now.

7. I have a massive sweet tooth, I love Haribo, Twizzlers and Nerds. They’re my favourites! Once, my boyfriend bought me a huge box just filled with Haribo and had it sent to my house! One of the best presents I’ve ever received.

8. I live in my pyjamas, as soon as I get home from work, the first thing I do is put them on. I don’t even bother getting dressed if I’m not leaving the house.

9. I really, really, really like McFly  (my boyfriend even took me to see them on our first date as a surprise, he’s a keeper!) Best first date ever!

10. I LOVE musicals.

11. I have 5 tattoos, and I’m in the planning stages of my next one.

12. I have no eyebrows, they’re blonde and pretty much invisible, so I never leave the house without my eyebrows drawn on. I swear by my eyebrow pencil.

13. I’m ALWAYS cold, even in the summer. I was once given a hand warmer as a present, and I’m always wrapped up. Pete complains when I have the heating on as he gets too warm. I just love to be cosy.

14. I have a microwavable plush rabbit called Pancakes. He’s great for cold nights, and my dodgy old lady knees.

15. When I was little, I went to a fancy dress party dressed as a birthday present and won first prize for best dressed. My amazing mum handmade the costume herself.

16. You will find me on the dance floor with a Disarrono and Coke, dancing wildly on a night out. I’m the one usually making a show, but all in good fun!

17. I have twin brothers, aged 7, and they are my most favourite boys in the world. Seriously, they are the best!

18. I tried to teach myself the guitar but gave up before I could get into it properly and I’m determined to start learning again.

19. I have a tendency to say things exactly how they are , I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

20. I can shake my eyes. I don’t even know how to describe this to you, but yes, they shake.

So there, you have it, 20 facts about me. Well done if you made it this far!



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