Life #1

Between finding a new place to live and sorting out estate agent stuff (which has been a nightmare), being laid off from work for two weeks (due to circumstances out of my control), visiting family, getting engaged, organising an engagement party and making doctors appointment, there’s not been much time for blogging!

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Obviously reliving my youth by listening to some old school Blink 182.  I was hoping listening to some pop-punk would bring the sun back out, but much to my dismay, we are back to grey skies and bitter wind. I’m currently looking for the perfect dress for my engagement party, I’ve seen a few I really like and was going to do a post on, but thought it should be a surprise.

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I recently read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (late to the party, I know) but my brother got them for Christmas so I thought I’d see what they hype was. I must have read it within about two weeks, I couldn’t put it down, so once I’d finished it, I borrowed Catching Fire.  I’m not that far into it at the moment, but I’ve made a pretty good start. I need to make more time for reading since my brother wants it back as he hasn’t read it himself yet, and it will be a nice break from watching trashy TV. Since we got Netflix, all I do with my time off is watch TV.  I feel like I’m killing brain cells!  If you haven’t had a chance to read these books yet, then I highly recommend you do.

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Once again, I am late to the party with the whole Gossip Girl thing, but Pete told me off for watching kids TV shows (such as Drake and Josh) on Netflix. All I do with my days off is lounge on the beanbag, watching Gossip Girl and drinking tea. I don’t even know why! It’s just people swapping and changing relationships then I get jealous that I’m not rich and fabulous! It also encourages me to shop and buy things I really don’t need. I wish I could live their lifestyle! Minus the drama of course.

That’s pretty much everything at the moment! There’s nothing too exciting going, apart from moving house, which at the moment us causing us more stress due to delays regarding our references, but once that’s cleared (fingers crossed) I think we can start to looking forward to living in our first house together!

What have you been up to?



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