What’s in my Handbag?


Cath Kidston Shopper – similar here

I’ve been wanting to do one of these posts for ages, so here goes! I carry a lot of rubbish around in my bag, I pretty much carry everything but the kitchen sink in there, then complain it’s too heavy. Anyway, here’s what I typically carry around with me on a daily basis:


My cute owl diary from Paperchase. If I don’t write things down, I have a habit of forgetting things. It always comes in handy when I’m temping as well, as I know where I am and when! My passport is my only form of ID, I’m 23 and I get IDed all the time, so I rarely leave the house without this. The AAA pass is from when The Blackout did a DJ set at Pete’s club night back in December.


Lip essentials, the Max Factor lip tint in No4 is my favourite for day to day wear, it adds slight colour to my lips without being too OTT. The Sleek Pout Polish is a tinted lip balm, perfect for summer as it has SPF15 in it, and of course Vaseline Lip Therapy, because what handbag is complete without a lip balm to cure those dry lips?


My Paul’s Boutique purse was a Christmas present from my mum and dad. My Gok Wan glasses which I don’t wear nearly as often as I should!


This Vaseline hand cream is my favourite ever hand cream, I’ve used others which are quite greasy, but this makes my hands feel amazing. Carex anti-bacterial hand gel for emergencies (is this a bit of an excessive thing to carry around?).


House keys! We all know how important these are and how annoying it is leaving the house without them, this explains why mine are on a lanyard because I used to have a habit of leaving the house without them.  It seemed to do the trick anyway! The keyrings are of me and my cousin, Hollie, on her christening day, she’s 7 now! Peter and I at my dad’s 40th birthday part last year, looking dapper, we scrub up well! The blue heart says Top Sis and was a present of Harry and Elliot, my 8 year old twin brothers, they get really excited when they see I have it on my keys. The little turtle is a sand keyring because I’ve wanted a sand keyring for ages and I found this little guy for £1 at the World Museum in Liverpool.

I love reading these posts and having a good old nose, so if you’ve done one, let me know!



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