Faves, faves, faves: July Edition!

So I haven’t blogged in almost a month! Life has been taken over by family weddings and meetings with recruitment  companies this month, my head has been a little foggy with looking for a job and things are pretty stressful at the moment! I promise I’ll be better!

Anyway, here’s my first monthly favourites post:

So Britain has finally seen some sun! I’ve had my legs out (I apologise to anyone who was blinded by their whiteness!) This tinted lip balm by Sleek Makeup is my summer go to for lip wear. It’s heavily pigmented, and goes on really well.  Electro Peach is my favourite summer colour, it’s a brilliant replacement for lipstick (I can never get a coral lippie that suits me) because it’s really light, glossy and contains SPF15 and we all know  how important it is to keep them looking kissable. It was my lifesaver in Florida last year!


All my life I’ve read “cleanse, tone, moisturise” and how important it is for your skin, but I’ve never ever done it up until recently when I read how bad makeup wipes were for your skin.  After suffering a couple of break outs, I thought it was worth me trying it (I know, I’m really terrible) and I noticed a MASSIVE improvement. I still use makeup wipes to remove makeup, but then I do a double cleanse with the Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion and the difference is unreal, followed by the Facial Soothing Toner and the Hydrating Light Moisturiser. My skin has never felt better, I’ve really noticed a difference since doing this. I’m going to buy some proper makeup remover when my bank card is replaced (I stupidly lost it last week when I was out).


I got this body lotion from the Bath and Body Works in America last year (I came home with 7 of them because they are amazing). They smell unreal! This Country Chic has a gorgeous light summer fragrance and it lasts all day, I have to refrain from sniffing my arms when I’m wearing it! I’ve put my order in for when my family go back to Florida next year. Here’s a UK seller on eBay 🙂 I also love Carried Away and Malibu Heat.

I’ve had the John Frieda Frizz-Eaze 3 day Straight for  a while now but only got round to using it earlier this month. I have naturally curly, frizz prone hair which is so hard to tame, no really, I could be mistaken for a lion. GHDs saved my life, but this product is a god-send! You spray on wet/damp hair (I recently discovered TREsemme Smooth shampoo and conditioner which claims to reduces frizz – it really works!), blow dry your hair then go over with straighteners. You’d never be able to tell my hair was naturally curly with this product. It doesn’t keep your hair pin straight for three days so don’t expect miracles, but I really do recommend it if your hair is anything like mine.

Barry M Confetti nail varnish in Dolly Mixture is so cute, it’s like sprinkles on a cake and who doesn’t love cake?

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunshine!



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