Sunday Snapshots!

PicMonkey CollageAfter browsing through a lot of random photos on my phone, I thought I should do something with them, and what better than my first Sunday Snapshots post?

On the train to Manchester for the sister-in-law’s birthday | Harry & Elliot cooling off in the sun | My mum & me going to a hen do | Sleepover cupcakes! | Cider in the sun | Cafe Nero milkshake | A wine glass that fits my needs | Knickerbocker Glory at Chester Zoo | Pint of Strawberry Lime Rekorderlig – yes a pint not a bottle! | Orange nails | The palest legs you will ever see | Me and the boy off to celebrate my cousin’s wedding | New hair & Where’s Wally tshirt | Fascinator making (mine’s the one on the left) | Toby Carvery – that mush is crunchy roast potatoes, yum! | Eton Mess

I’ve been working all weekend and I have an interview tomorrow so I best get prepping – yikes!

I’d love to see your snapshots (mainly because I love a good nose) and leave me lovely comments below so I can check them out 🙂



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