Festival Essentials


Last year, I bit the bullet and went to my very first festival in the form of Leeds Festival.  This was an extremely big deal for me as I have never been camping in my life, the idea of roughing it terrified me! I had to leave my cosy apartment to go and sleep in a field, without access to hair straighteners but I DID IT! Everybody laughed at the idea of me camping and I got told “I thought you’d be a nightmare” on more than one occasion,  but I did really well, and most importantly, I had such a laugh despite a couple of mishaps before we got there!

There has been some “umming and ahhing” about whether or not I should go to Leeds this year, one of my favourite bands dropped out, not an awful lot of my friends are going, but I finally decided to just go for it and hopefully a proper plan will form pretty soon since it’s only a week away. I saw a recent post on Facebook of “Festival Essentials” but thought I’d create my own spin on it because it didn’t seem as if it’d been written by somebody who had never actually attended a festival, I’m pretty sure you’re all bored of festival posts already because there are SO many of them going round at the moment, but I’m doing it anyway!


  1. When it comes to festivals, you can’t go wrong with a cute vest top or tshirt. I prefer vest tops over tshirts as they make me feel less sticky, which is a bonus when you can’t shower for three days!
  2. A waterproof is a MUST given how unpredictable British weather is. I’ve never owned a mac-in-a-bag in my life until last year when Pete so kindly bought me one. A clever little thing that unravels from a bag into an over head jacket keeping you nice and dry and comes with a clip for you to attach to your belt hook or bag 
  3. A satchel with a zip on the inside to keep all your belongings safe at all times. The good thing about festivals, is you don’t need to take much in your bag, just some money, lipbalm, hand sanitiser, sunglasses and a camera! This gorgeous red one is from Lamoda.
  4. I love these little cans of Malibu! Pre-mixed alcohol in a can makes festival life easier, means you don’t have to carry as much booze!
  5. Shorts are perfect because if it rains, they’re so much easier and more comfortable than jeans or leggings. Plus, they take less time to dry off. Teamed with knee high socks/ tights if it’s nippy and you’re sorted! You can see my festival outfit post here.
  6. Wellies, because let’s face it, we live in England, it’s going to rain and rain means mud. How cute are these biker boot style wellies from Boohoo?
  7. Dry shampoo is a life saver at the best of times, but especially at a festival when you’re unable to tame your hair as you would in the luxury of your own home.
  8. Always take sunblock with you, the last thing you want is for the sun to be beaming and you end up with sunstroke!

I hope you found this post helpful if you’re a new festival goer! Which festivals are you going to/ have been to this year?



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