Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Those of you who have been reading my blog will know I have been looking for work for a long time now. After I came back from Leeds Festival, I’ve been feeling more positive and have accepted that I now need to just broaden my horizons instead of just looking for office work, which I did. I took a day to amend my CV – I now have two, one tailored to admin work and one tailored to retail/ customer service work, applied for EVERYTHING  as many jobs I could, and my phone has not stopped ringing all week! Among interviews and appointments with recruitment agencies, I haven’t really had a day to myself!  Today I went for a meeting with a HR manager for a firm of solicitors and managed to land myself some temporary work for a few weeks in their office. To celebrate, I went on a bit of a spending spree and have treated myself to some new things (some essential, some not):

americangoodiesI have an incredible sweet tooth, and am obsessed with American sweets. Ever since I went to Florida last year, I’ve become addicted to Twizzlers, amazing flavoured liquorice. I had to refrain myself from eating these on the train home to take a picture for this post.  The Laffy Taffy and Sweet and Sour Twizzlers are long gone 😉


  1. L’Oreal Infallible foundation in Porcelain: Up until Monday this week, I’ve been using Revlon Colour Stay in Ivory, but have really gone off it. I’ve been waiting to finish the bottle before I purchased a new foundation. A friend on Twitter recommended I try this, and I have fallen in love. Unlike Revlon Colour Stay, it comes with a pump which is a massive bonus. It’s pale enough for my ghostly ‘English Rose’ complexion, is high coverage and has a lovely light fruity scent to it.  The longevity of this is fantastic, not sure if it lasts 16 hours though, I’ve usually taken it off before I’ve been wearing it for that long!
  2. Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: The blogging world has gone nuts for these little Maybelline lipbalms so when I saw them in Boots, I thought I’d see what the fuss was about, I was torn between Fruit Punch and Cherry Me but in the end Cherry Me one the battle. These leave my lips feeling nourished, adding a slight colour which is great to just throw on and not have to worry about reapplying lipstick.
  3. Rimmel ScandalEyes eyeliners: Okay, don’t at me as if I’m crazy, this isn’t the same product twice! I’m running low on liquid eyeliner, I normally buy Maybelline Express Liner because I love the way it’s so easy to apply and doesn’t pull on the skin, but for some reason nowhere in Liverpool has it at the moment so I had to stray away from my favourite eyeliner boohoo 😦 Boots had a sale “buy one, get one half price” so I thought I’d try these Scandalyes liners. One is thick and thin and one is a fine liner. I used the fine liner earlier but it’s a little too thin for me, so is probably best for more precise application. I’m yet to try the thick and thin one, might experiment this weekend and let you know!

primarkDespite working in offices for two and a half years, I don’t own many smart clothes surprisingly, with starting my new job on Tuesday, I thought I’d take a quick trip to Primark for a few office-type pieces.  The black chiffon shirt with cream trim was only £10, I love the collar! I picked up a new black pencil skirt as the one I already own is too small, for £8. The disco pants and shorts clearly aren’t for work, but both were on sale so I couldn’t leave them there, the red disco pants were £7, the silver disco shorts were £5 (a fraction of the price of American Apparel!) I also got three smart vest tops to wear either with skirts or trousers which were £4 each. I got the lot for £42 anyway, so I was pretty pleased as I can mix and match these with items I already own.

What have you been buying recently? Link me to your haul posts!




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