“So, when’s the big day?”


I couldn’t find a source for this photograph, but if it’s yours, let me know and I’ll credit or take it down. X

“When’s the big day?” is a question I’m hearing more and more lately. Yes, Peter and I got engaged in March, no, we haven’t set a date or booked a venue. We are thinking October 2015, which gives us two years to plan. I have so many ideas that I’ve pinned on Pinterest (seriously, if you haven’t got onto Pinterest yet, you definitely should!) Now I just want to get stuck in and get planning properly, actual ideas, solid ideas. I think once we go to view venues and book somewhere things will start falling into place. We have a few venues in mind which is a good start I guess (I’m kidding myself aren’t I?)  I just now need to drag Pete along to see them in the stony flesh with me.


We’ve both been to so many weddings already this year, so we should be pros at the whole wedding scene by now. We have ideas of what we want and don’t want which is an advantage. We want it to be tailored to the both of us, rather than it all be the bride’s influence, it’s as much his day as it is mine. We’re not your regular run of the mill, traditional people, obviously we still want it to have some tradition! We’re not that out there, I don’t want an apocalypse themed wedding or anything.

I’m just excited to go look at venues and imagine what it would be like on our day!  I can’t wait to go dress shopping! That’s going to be the best part, what girl doesn’t want to be a princess for the day?

We recently went to a wedding fair which was down the road from us, but there wasn’t much there and I didn’t get much inspiration and we keep missing other ones due to work commitments which is so annoying, so I’m determined to make it to the next one.

Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m going to get married, it seems so surreal, even though I’m really excited. This post doesn’t really have much of a point, sorry for rambling but I just want to get stuck into thing now and wanted to share with you!

Do you want me to share any other wedding plans with you? When they finally come to place of course!



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