Sunday Snapshots #3

PicMonkey Collage3.jpgFree bottle of Patron from work | Surprise visit to London to see McFly’s 10th Anniversary Show | Jeffrey Campbells from TK Maxx | Getting onto the tartan trend for A/W | Dogsitting | Cuddles from Teddy | Off to see Funeral for a Friend | Font loves Gingers sign | £2 cocktails |Mum’s birthday cake made by my clever dad | Friday shenanigans in work | Given a free flower on my way to work, great start to a Monday |

I’m pretty slack at updating my blog. I also don’t take as many pictures through the week for my weekly updates as my Blackberry is the worst thing I own. I’m so excited to get rid of it. God help you all when I change my phone and can finally get Instagram!  My camera is also broke 😦 so I can’t take any decent photos to upload either. I’m not having much luck with technology.

What have you been up to lately?




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