#BEDN Something You Made

Okay, this is technically Saturday’s post, I’m really behind with this already and we’re only four days in!

Topic #2 is Something You Made


My sister-in-law to be got married in September, and for her hen do we had a fascinator making session. This is something I’d never heard of before,  the idea was to make a fascinator we could wear at the wedding, so I requested pink and red fabric as I’d already had my eye on a dress. However, due to my complete lack of creativity and sewing skills I was quite dubious!

Please excuse the quality of these photos!

Please excuse the quality of these photos!

The session was actually quite fun, we had a practice run on a few pieces of fabric so we could get an idea how to work with it, then we went on to design our own. Luckily, my mum was there to save the day and do my sewing for me! I was quite happy with the way my fascinator turned out to be honest, I never thought i’d end up wearing it, but I really like it and it went so well with my dress. I wouldn’t have got such a good match if i’d bought one in the shop.

My gorgeous brother and talented mum


With dad and little brothers, Harry & Elliot

Fascinator in action

Fascinator in action!

Are you taking part in #BEDN? Let me know if you are by commenting below 🙂

What do you think of my fascinator? Not bad for something I made myself (with a LOT of help from my mum).  Have you made anything exciting recently?



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