Staying Inspired

Okay, I completely failed at blogging every day in November, we’re now half way through and the last time I posted was a just over week ago! I was going to try and catch up but I’m not going to. It’s going to take too long to backtrack on myself and continue with it. I’m quite disappointed in myself as it was a really good challenge and I feel I gave up too easily.

Image sourced from

Image sourced from

This challenge was to get myself into the habit of blogging more regularly as I’m a serial neglecter of my blog. It’s just so hard to juggle full time work, house work a social life and a blog. The lovely Caroline over at Burkatron wrote a recent post about staying inspired which you can find here which I think is great. It has some great advice on how to manage a blog and I’m definitely going to follow some of her tips!

I’ve just got myself a shiny new iPhone 5c as my Blackberry was long over due an upgrade – so this is certainly going to help me stay on track of things. I finally have Instagram which I’m super excited about, is that sad? My username is jegzlovestea. I also downloaded Wunderlist which I’m yet to try out, but from what I hear it’s great for writing lists. I’m going to use it to write down blog ideas.

I also created a Facebook page which you can find here; I’d be so grateful if you could give it a little like. I promise to update it regularly, especially now that I’ve also downloaded Hootesuite so I can schedule posts in advance which will hopefully help when I have a busy week!

What tips do you have for managing your blog and staying inspired?



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