What I’ve Been Up to Bumper Edition!

I am officially the worst blogger ever! Here’s what I’ve been up to lately: 

PicMonkey Collage5Went to see Wicked | Cup of green tea in my new mug | Before the free cocktails | Standard pre-drink photo | Wild Friday night | Natural hair selfie | Christmas cupcake | Jeffrey Campbell | Caramel latte | 5ive in the Echo Arena | Goodies from Superdrug | Favourite body lotion from Bath and Body Works | Saving away | Studded nails | My cousin’s christening | Pete made a new friend

PicMonkey Collage6Amazing stag head decoration | Homemade decorations | Christmas tree up | Our living room is nice and Christmassy | Christmas shopping | First red cup of the season | Breakfast | Burger and chilli cheese fries at Almost Famous | I still pull this face now | My little brother when he was a baby | My brother bought me Twizzlers | Festive nails | Promo staff problems | Christmas moose selfie | Few drinks after work – stay classy | Drunken photo

PicMonkey Collage7Favourite lip products | Hanging out in Central Perk | Cracked out the Patron | Before picture | The One Where Jo Came to Liverpool | Rock faces | Another before photo | Ciate advent calendar | Met baby Amelia and had lots of cuddles | Christmas bunting finally up | Met some husky puppies | Mum and Dad’s Christmas tree | Elliot and me | Harry and me | Christmas icon of me and Pete | Of course my mum wanted one too

So as you can see I’ve been super busy, tis the season and all!

I’m off Christmas shopping shortly because there are still bits I need to get.

What have you been up to lately?  Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?

Jegz. X


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