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#BEDN – 10 Favourite Films

Topic #7 is 10 Things – no particular topic, just a list of 10 things. So I’m going to tell you about my favourite films.

These are 10 of my favourite films, there’s definitely a musical theme going on.

  1. Moulin Rouge – I think Moulin Rouge is a love it or hate it film, there’s no in between. I remember the first time I watched it, I just didn’t get it at all, but now it’s probably my favourite film.  Baz Lurhman is just amazing don’t you think? I’m a sucker for musicals and this is perfect, the songs, although not original, are just great fun. I even had a Moulin Rouge themed fancy dress night out for my 18th birthday.
  2. Phantom of the Opera – When I was younger, I used to listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack which my parents had, I think it was a West End production version, and I always wanted to see it in the theatre. Unfortunately it never came round (up until recently and now I’ve seen it two years running) so watching the film was the next best thing. Gerard Butler is so good as the Phantom and Emily Rossum’s voice is beautiful. If I could go and see Phantom of the Opera in the theatre every day, I would. I watched this last week when I was ill and it made me feel loads better.
  3. Back to the Future – 80s classic. Need I say more?
  4. Hairspray – Zac Efron and James Marsden in one film. Yes please. I love a good sing along and the songs in Hairspray are just so upbeat and catchy.
  5. The Skeleton Key – If you haven’t seen this film, watch it. I watch this film over and over again because I think it’s a brilliant watch! I have a massive girl crush on Kate Hudson as well.
  6. Mulan – This is my favourite Disney film ever. I always want to watch this and Pete says no 😦 I’m only allowed to watch things once because he says “we watched it recently” when we haven’t! It’s just his excuse to get out of watching something.
  7. Chicago – “Come on babe why don’t we paint the town and all that jazzzz”. Yes, I know, another musical, but badass girls who killed their boyfriends and are on death row is a pretty awesome plot if you ask me.
  8. Elf – I could watch Elf any day of the year, it’s just so good and I love Christmas so this is perfect. Pete gets so annoyed around this time of year because we have to watch it about 5 times!
  9. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Anything by Tim Burton is okay by me.
  10. Sweeney Todd – A musical directed by Tim Burton? Double whammy! I love how dark this is and Alan Rickman’s singing is just perfect.


Okay, so looking back, I probably should have listed 10 of my favourite musicals but here we go. Congratulations if you made it this far!

What is your favourite film?

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#BEDN – National Stress Awareness Day

So I broke my promise of being better at this Blog Every Day in November challenge but there’s a reason I didn’t blog yesterday which ties in very well with this topic!

Topic #6 is National Stress Awareness Day


According to recent research by Insurance Company AXA, stress levels have doubled in 4 years! That’s an awful lot in such a short period of time. I think it’s important issue to acknowledge, because everyone faces stress in their lives. I know if one stressful thing happens to me, I’m on edge for the rest of the day.

This topic could not be more appropriate for the day I had yesterday. I waited 20 minutes for a bus in the freezing cold, ended up just making it to work on time, I had multiple issues with the tasks I was doing in work, something red dripped on me on the bus, burning me and staining my favourite coat, I lost my scarf, had to go to the doctors after work. prescribed antibiotics for a week for a chest infection and didn’t get home until 8.30pm. I was exhausted and very stressed which makes me snappy to which then I have to apologise to people because I know I’ve been naughty! I usually find taking a few minutes to clear my head and cups of tea very helpful in dealing with stress.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet because I have a lot of housework to catch on.

How do you deal with stress?

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#BEDN Bonfire Night

 Remember, remember! 
   The fifth of November, 
    The Gunpowder treason and plot; 
    I know of no reason 
    Why the Gunpowder treason 
    Should ever be forgot! 

Topic #5 is Bonfire Night



I’ve never been a fan of Bonfire Night, ever since I was little, I used to be terrified of fireworks. I’ve got better over the years, and now I only jump a little bit when they go off.  This year I will be spending it indoors in the warm as I’m still recuperating, so I’m going to tell you a story about one of my bonfire nights.

It was 05th november 2011, Pete and I had been dating since March that year, and we were going for a meal in Manchester with his mum so I could meet her for the first time. I was so nervous, meeting the boyfriend’s parents for the first time can be so daunting. Anyway, we went to this lovely Chinese restaurant and his mum was lovely, it was nowhere near as scary as I’d anticipated.

After the meal, Pete and I were going to separate gigs in Manchester and agreed to meet outside Manchester Apollo. Unfortunately, my battery died during the gig as I’d been out all day (yes, you know where this is going). So the gig finished, I jumped in a taxi to Manchester Apollo and waited outside for what seemed like a life time. I couldn’t find Pete anywhere and the crowd was dispersing as everyone was going home. I started to panic as I thought I was going to be stranded in Manchester, and then I started to cry (I was slightly tipsy), these two teenage boys were looking after me and waited with me the entire time. Then I saw my friend, Amy, and ran towards her, crying into her arms “I can’t find Pete and I have no battery and I don’t know his number and I’m lost.” I felt like a child who had lost their mum, especially when Amy asked me to describe what he looked like and after a few minutes said “is that him?” 

Pete had just appeared from nowhere, I ran towards him and hugged him so hard like, I was so happy to see him! I was so relieved, he didn’t even get into trouble for leaving the place we’d agreed to meet. 

Apparently, he’d text me to ask me to meet him at a different place, and obviously, having no battery, I never got the text! It was such a traumatic experience for me.

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What are your plans for Bonfire Night?


#BEDN Food

Yes, this is my second #BEDN today, which defeats the object of blogging every day. Yesterday’s topic was light but I struggled with it so I gave it a pass.

Topic #4 is food – who doesn’t love food right?


Due to being ill all week, I haven’t had much of an appetite which is completely unlike me, therefore the subject of food isn’t one of which I feel like blogging about so I’m going to give you a list of five of my favourite meals:

  1. Spaghetti Bolognese – I love spaghetti bolognese, my dad is an amazing cook and his spag bol is the bees knees. Pete makes a pretty mean one too.
  2. Pasta Alla Pete – One day Pete threw a few things together and came up with this awesome pasta dish, he just throws in, mushrooms, olives, onions and peppers into chopped tomatoes, with chilli flakes, herbs and garlic but it tastes so good! I named it that, he’s not as lame as me, sometimes I call it “pasta with the bits” equally as bad.
  3. Mince and Mash – My nan makes THE BEST mince and mash ever. Again, this is such a simple dish, and I don’t know what she does to make it so good, but nobody makes mince liker her. It’s not just me, my cousins love it too.
  4. Chicken Jalfrezi – This is my favourite curry, I love spicy food. I don’t get to have it that often because Pete doesn’t like his food to be too spicy and since he’s in charge of the cooking (I don’t cook), I can’t complain too much.
  5. Chilli Con Carne – This again comes from my love of spicy food 🙂

What is your favourite meal or meals?

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#BEDN Something You Made

Okay, this is technically Saturday’s post, I’m really behind with this already and we’re only four days in!

Topic #2 is Something You Made


My sister-in-law to be got married in September, and for her hen do we had a fascinator making session. This is something I’d never heard of before,  the idea was to make a fascinator we could wear at the wedding, so I requested pink and red fabric as I’d already had my eye on a dress. However, due to my complete lack of creativity and sewing skills I was quite dubious!

Please excuse the quality of these photos!

Please excuse the quality of these photos!

The session was actually quite fun, we had a practice run on a few pieces of fabric so we could get an idea how to work with it, then we went on to design our own. Luckily, my mum was there to save the day and do my sewing for me! I was quite happy with the way my fascinator turned out to be honest, I never thought i’d end up wearing it, but I really like it and it went so well with my dress. I wouldn’t have got such a good match if i’d bought one in the shop.

My gorgeous brother and talented mum


With dad and little brothers, Harry & Elliot

Fascinator in action

Fascinator in action!

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What do you think of my fascinator? Not bad for something I made myself (with a LOT of help from my mum).  Have you made anything exciting recently?


#BEDN ~Introductions

Okay, as I said before, I’ve been ill so you’ll have to forgive me for being so late with my first post! I promise I’ll be better with the rest of these posts.

Topic #1 is introductions. I’ve already done a 20 facts about me post which you can find here.




I think a lot rides on introductions, first impressions and all that. It’s always so hard to talk about yourself isn’t it? I’m going to keep this as brief as possible and give you 10 facts about me.



  1. I love rollercoasters! I’m a proper thrill seeker, the higher, the scarier, the more loops, the better. I used to be scared of them when I was younger, even the none upside down ones, until my nan and grandad took my brother and I to Florida for the second time. Since then, I’ve never looked back. I’m dying to go to a theme park but Pete’s not a fan. Booo!
  2. Barry Manilow is my guilty pleasure. My mum is obsessed with him loves him, she definitely brain washed me as a child because recently he’s all I listen to.
  3. My hair is naturally really curly but I straighten it all the time, I’d actually be lost without my GHDs. When I was younger, people would stop my family in the street to comment on my hair and even asked if it was a perm!
  4. Christmas is my favourite holiday! I love the lead up to Christmas, the way Christmas smells (and yes it has a smell – anything mulled wine and spicy scented), Christmas films. I love spending time with my family, every Christmas we go to the Trafford Centre (for all you Southerners, the Trafford Centre is an amazing indoor shopping centre which is absolutely massive). We shop, we get a present each and we go to the cinema to watch a Christmas film.
  5. I still watch cartoons. I love reliving my childhood by watching The Wild Thornberry’s, Hey Arnold and The Rugrats. Pete laughs at me all the time but I don’t even care.
  6. People always spell my name wrong, even when it’s written there right in front of them and it’s one of my pet hates. Yes, I’m Rachael not Rachel. It’s worse when I  correct people and they reply “it doesn’t matter does it?” of course it matters, it’s not my name! It’s probably petty to let it get to me.
  7. I love mugs, I even have favourite mugs to drink out of.  I don’t like drinking out of regular size mugs, and whenever Pete makes me tea, I tell him what mug I want, I think it’s because I really like tea, and a regular size mug isn’t big enough.  Is this a weird thing to have?
  8. Darren Shan is my favourite author, This is another thing Pete laughs at me about, because Darren Shan writes teenage fiction, but I’ve been reading his books since I was 14 so I’m not going to stop now.
  9. I’m a really clumsy person, I wish I was elegant but I’m far from it. I trip over my own feet, I drop things, I knock things over. Nothing is safe around me, as my nan would said I’m like a bull in a china shop.
  10. Winter is my favourite season, I love being able to wrap up as warm as I want, and being inside drinking tea when the weather is nasty outside. I love winter clothes, scarves, hats, coats and gloves. I guess this is due to me being ginger and not being a sun lover.

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Blog Every Day In November #BEDN



I’m in a bit of a blogging rut lately (I think I say this more often than I should), so when I saw Lojo over at Lojo Vs The World was starting to blog every day in November, I had to check it out.

Blog-Every-Day-in-November-with-RosaliliumI headed on over to Rosalilium to check out the rules and here we go. It’s a great way for me to blog more regularly, which I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time. The idea of being topics to blog about is great, because it means I won’t struggle to think of something to write about 🙂

I’m a little late to the party on this one given we’re already three days into November, but I’ve been extremely ill this week with a nasty viral infection which I’m still not fully recovered from. I think it’s quite brave of me to jump into something that will require quite a lot more time given I’m still  really ill!

Are you taking part in #BEDN? Let me know if you are so I can follow you and read all your lovely posts 🙂