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#BEDN – 10 Favourite Films

Topic #7 is 10 Things – no particular topic, just a list of 10 things. So I’m going to tell you about my favourite films.

These are 10 of my favourite films, there’s definitely a musical theme going on.

  1. Moulin Rouge – I think Moulin Rouge is a love it or hate it film, there’s no in between. I remember the first time I watched it, I just didn’t get it at all, but now it’s probably my favourite film.  Baz Lurhman is just amazing don’t you think? I’m a sucker for musicals and this is perfect, the songs, although not original, are just great fun. I even had a Moulin Rouge themed fancy dress night out for my 18th birthday.
  2. Phantom of the Opera – When I was younger, I used to listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack which my parents had, I think it was a West End production version, and I always wanted to see it in the theatre. Unfortunately it never came round (up until recently and now I’ve seen it two years running) so watching the film was the next best thing. Gerard Butler is so good as the Phantom and Emily Rossum’s voice is beautiful. If I could go and see Phantom of the Opera in the theatre every day, I would. I watched this last week when I was ill and it made me feel loads better.
  3. Back to the Future – 80s classic. Need I say more?
  4. Hairspray – Zac Efron and James Marsden in one film. Yes please. I love a good sing along and the songs in Hairspray are just so upbeat and catchy.
  5. The Skeleton Key – If you haven’t seen this film, watch it. I watch this film over and over again because I think it’s a brilliant watch! I have a massive girl crush on Kate Hudson as well.
  6. Mulan – This is my favourite Disney film ever. I always want to watch this and Pete says no 😦 I’m only allowed to watch things once because he says “we watched it recently” when we haven’t! It’s just his excuse to get out of watching something.
  7. Chicago – “Come on babe why don’t we paint the town and all that jazzzz”. Yes, I know, another musical, but badass girls who killed their boyfriends and are on death row is a pretty awesome plot if you ask me.
  8. Elf – I could watch Elf any day of the year, it’s just so good and I love Christmas so this is perfect. Pete gets so annoyed around this time of year because we have to watch it about 5 times!
  9. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Anything by Tim Burton is okay by me.
  10. Sweeney Todd – A musical directed by Tim Burton? Double whammy! I love how dark this is and Alan Rickman’s singing is just perfect.


Okay, so looking back, I probably should have listed 10 of my favourite musicals but here we go. Congratulations if you made it this far!

What is your favourite film?

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#BEDN Food

Yes, this is my second #BEDN today, which defeats the object of blogging every day. Yesterday’s topic was light but I struggled with it so I gave it a pass.

Topic #4 is food – who doesn’t love food right?


Due to being ill all week, I haven’t had much of an appetite which is completely unlike me, therefore the subject of food isn’t one of which I feel like blogging about so I’m going to give you a list of five of my favourite meals:

  1. Spaghetti Bolognese – I love spaghetti bolognese, my dad is an amazing cook and his spag bol is the bees knees. Pete makes a pretty mean one too.
  2. Pasta Alla Pete – One day Pete threw a few things together and came up with this awesome pasta dish, he just throws in, mushrooms, olives, onions and peppers into chopped tomatoes, with chilli flakes, herbs and garlic but it tastes so good! I named it that, he’s not as lame as me, sometimes I call it “pasta with the bits” equally as bad.
  3. Mince and Mash – My nan makes THE BEST mince and mash ever. Again, this is such a simple dish, and I don’t know what she does to make it so good, but nobody makes mince liker her. It’s not just me, my cousins love it too.
  4. Chicken Jalfrezi – This is my favourite curry, I love spicy food. I don’t get to have it that often because Pete doesn’t like his food to be too spicy and since he’s in charge of the cooking (I don’t cook), I can’t complain too much.
  5. Chilli Con Carne – This again comes from my love of spicy food 🙂

What is your favourite meal or meals?

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Life #2

Okay, so I’ve been pretty neglecting towards my blog recently. I’ve been busy moving house, organising an engagement party and looking for a job. All of which have been pretty stressful!

Anyway, less of the negative and more of what positive things I’ve been up to!

On my nails:


L – R
Blackberry, Guava, Greenberry, Lychee, Papaya, Key Lime, Prickly Pear and Pomegranete

I’ve been expanding my nail varnish collection (having no job can’t stop my addiction) and am currently loving the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints as much as every other blogger! Since I’m not working at the moment, these are the cheapest and most effective way to brighten up my outfits! My favourites at the moment are Guava and and Lychee! I wore Guava to a hen party and my auntie thought I’d had gel nails put on professionally, which made me happy! Definitely highly recommended.

Key Lime Swatched

Key Lime Swatched

I don’t normally do swatches of nail varnish because I can never get the camera settings just right, but this is the gorgeous Key Lime and even this photograph doesn’t do it much justice! (I really need a better camera and to develop my photography skills).

I am reading:


Photo from Google Images

I have a massive reading list at the moment! Pete and I have slowly been unpacking and organising our belongings when I discovered a box of books I haven’t even read but have had for such a long time! However, I have just borrowed Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins from my brother because I’ve finally finished Catching Fire. These books are most definitely worth a read, so if you haven’t got onto the hype by now (which I’m sure most of you have) you should!

I am watching:


L – R
Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, Blanche
Photo from Google Images

I love The Golden Girls! Much before my time, but my dad got the box sets and I used to sit and watch hours of  it, I’m finally up to the sixth season. It’s basically a show about four old women (clue’s in the picture ha!) that sit around talking and eating cheesecake, which sounds like the perfect life to me for when I grow old of course!

I currently have the house to myself this weekend as my other half has taken his clubnight to Download Festival which is such a big thing for him! Woo! Go Pete! So tomorrow, I’m having a girlie night in with my favourites, we’re going to watch chick flicks, paint our nails and wear face masks. Not to forget the vino!

What are your weekend plans?


I only went and got engaged!

IMG_9971 (1)

IMG_9965 (1)So I’ve most definitely been missing in action lately due to starting my new job and being exhausted! The main reason for this post, is on Saturday, Pete and his friends organised this incredible festival, Radstock and it was an amazing day. My favourite band, The Blackout, headlined so I was excited!

During their set, they stopped and got me up on stage, when Pete brought out my two little brothers, who asked “Rachael will you marry Pete” as he got down on one knee, it was so romantic and perfect! I cried lots!

Here is a video:

We were then whisked off stage into the arms of our families and friends, treated to champagne and it was just wonderful to celebrate with everyone.

Now I have an excuse to throw an engagement party and get stuck into planning everything which excites me loads!




Photo from Google Images

It’s that time of week again, the weekend is finally upon us! (Well almost). I was ill at the beginning of the week 😦 poor little me. I spent the whole of Monday watching Gossip Girl and feeling extremely sorry for myself. I think all the excitement of going to see Phantom of the Opera on Saturday night got to me!

I’m in a creative mood today – I’ve been playing around making slight changes to my blog, stealing recipes to bake cakes and finding inspiration for decorating the flat!

I am desperate to get our bedroom sorted and looking boudoir chic! At the moment, it’s full of mis-matching furniture (including a computer chair), there’s no curtains, not to mention it’s a complete mess! Since I’m not allowed too many pretty, girlie things (no Cath Kidson accessories allowed), I’m determined to make it as girlie and fabulous as possible!

I’m going to sneakily buy things with the Dunelm Mill gift card and starting adding things bit by bit, starting with this:


Photo from Dunelm Mill

It definitely ties in with my love for Phantom of the Opera and Masquerade is my favourite number, so I NEED it in my life! I’m excited to start the rest of the flat now that the living room is perfect, so I’m going to be on the constant look out for new homely things for us!


Me, Myself and I – 20 facts about me


Photo from Google Images

So if you’ve read/ followed/ liked my blog, thank you so much! I thought I’d give you a little bit more insight on myself. So here’s 20 facts about myself that you might like to know!

1. I love nail varnish – I have a really obsession with Barry M and Models Own. I pretty much      paint my nails a different colour every day. My favourite at the moment is definitely Green Berry! I do own over 80 nail varnishes, I’m quite obsessive. My aim is to master the perfection of nail art, I’m getting there but still really shaky.

2. I drink gallons and gallons of tea. I need tea to function in the morning before I leave the house and to get me through the day. Tea and toast is definitely my ultimate comfort.

3. I’m a typical girl, I’m obsessed with clothes, handbags, shoes, makeup and shopping in general. My weakness is Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I own a massive 11 pairs and my collection just keeps growing. I definitely need an intervention.

4. Gok Wan is my favourite man ever (ssh don’t tell Pete). I even had the pleasure of meeting him while he was filming Fashion Fix in Liverpool.

5. I love Cardiff, the city, the people and the Welsh accent! Most of my favourite bands all hail from South Wales and the way the say “ridiculous” makes me the happiest.

6. I temp for a recruitment company doing admin work in office around Liverpool City Centre, and whilst it’s not ideal, it gets me through for now.

7. I have a massive sweet tooth, I love Haribo, Twizzlers and Nerds. They’re my favourites! Once, my boyfriend bought me a huge box just filled with Haribo and had it sent to my house! One of the best presents I’ve ever received.

8. I live in my pyjamas, as soon as I get home from work, the first thing I do is put them on. I don’t even bother getting dressed if I’m not leaving the house.

9. I really, really, really like McFly  (my boyfriend even took me to see them on our first date as a surprise, he’s a keeper!) Best first date ever!

10. I LOVE musicals.

11. I have 5 tattoos, and I’m in the planning stages of my next one.

12. I have no eyebrows, they’re blonde and pretty much invisible, so I never leave the house without my eyebrows drawn on. I swear by my eyebrow pencil.

13. I’m ALWAYS cold, even in the summer. I was once given a hand warmer as a present, and I’m always wrapped up. Pete complains when I have the heating on as he gets too warm. I just love to be cosy.

14. I have a microwavable plush rabbit called Pancakes. He’s great for cold nights, and my dodgy old lady knees.

15. When I was little, I went to a fancy dress party dressed as a birthday present and won first prize for best dressed. My amazing mum handmade the costume herself.

16. You will find me on the dance floor with a Disarrono and Coke, dancing wildly on a night out. I’m the one usually making a show, but all in good fun!

17. I have twin brothers, aged 7, and they are my most favourite boys in the world. Seriously, they are the best!

18. I tried to teach myself the guitar but gave up before I could get into it properly and I’m determined to start learning again.

19. I have a tendency to say things exactly how they are , I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

20. I can shake my eyes. I don’t even know how to describe this to you, but yes, they shake.

So there, you have it, 20 facts about me. Well done if you made it this far!